that's sexist
So this is basically all about how people have just found a new way to attack any other people by just putting cis in front of other attacks? I love it!

A good chunk of the blog is yes. Social Justice “Allies” have taken on a new tactic of fighting oppression by saying that if you aren’t a trans gendered “person of color”, you are the scum of the earth and need to DIE.

Ironically, these opinions often contradict other oppression, such as the “LGBQ” part of “LGBTQ”. It’s rather disgusting that they think that because one group is “more oppressed” that another’s misery doesn’t matter.


I can only handle so much of this stuff though. After a while it starts to make me hate life.

its like tumblrs worst posts except just about one subject. thank u :')

No problem. Stay classy.